Mold Service

Mold Service

Main services:

1, IC lead frame molds design, manufacturing
2, Motor core molds design, manufacturing
3, Other precision stamping molds design, manufacturing

  • Precision stamping molds

    Self-developed IC lead frame stamping molds, covers: TO series, SOT, DIP, SOP, SOJ, HSOP, MSOP, PLCC, QFP, TSOP-LOC and other type lead frame , Pin count up to 100 pins. Molds life can be more than 20 million Strokes, over 400 SPM through the actual stamping production-proven.

    Lead frame stamping mold parts, precision demanding, the error is at least lower than 2μm. We based precision machining assembly, successful development of the motor iron core, battery parts precision stamping molds, and was the recognition and trust of the industry! However, technology advances, Could not allow us to stop the pace of research and development for new types of molds. Excellence is our basic job requirements.

    Hope that through our professional mold services can help you in your career expanded!